Sunday  October 27, 2019

                                              Murphy Avenue
                                       Downtown Sunnyvale

10:00 - 11:00 - Parade Groups Assemble
11:00 - 12:30 - Parade down Murphy Avenue
12:30 -   4:00 - Performances and Exhibits at Plaza del Sol

Dress up your kids and pets for a festive parade !  



 High – N – Tight

Rock & Roll Pet Party Music with a Twist

Music you, your pets and your family can all dance to (even the turtles will be coaxed out of their shells)
Many well-known musicians have made songs about pets.

To show your respect to Jax please come out to the Halloween Pet Parade and Faire!

The proceeds from the Pet Parade will go towards funding a K-9 memorial dedicated to Jax, which will honor the past and current working K-9 officers of the City of Sunnyvale. 


 On October 31, 2017, K-9 officer, Jax died during a confrontation with a suspect engaged in domestic violence. When the suspect would not surrender peacefully, Jax was sent to subdue and apprehend him but was stabbed by the suspect. Jax was rushed to an animal hospital and passed away that evening at the age of four.  Jax had served for two years in Sunnyvale and had 26 arrests to his credit.

 Jax, the fallen K-9 Officer's story


Sunnyvale Halloween Pet Parade

And a memorial to Jax, the fallen K-9


Things To Do

Our last Sunnyvale Pet Parade was in 2009. It has been a decade of hard work, but Sunnyvale citizens, who live in the epic center of Silicon Valley and their loving stress-relieving pet companions have made a full recovery from the Great Recession. A salute to our multi-cultural multi-species community is in order.

Since its founding as a rural farming community in the late 1800's it has been transitioning itself as circumstances and opportunities have arisen.
Now it is has become more urban and high-tech in its businesses.

Sunnyvale's downtown has reflected that continuing
metamorphosis, transmogrification an transmutation of the city and of Silicon Valley.

There is no better place to witness the chaotic excitement of change and the perilous construction of progress then the always-new Sunnyvale Downtown.